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The Good Shepherd Trust

About The Good Shepherd Trust

About The Good Shepherd Trust

 The Good Shepherd Trust is a multi-academy Trust within the Diocese of Guildford.  It currently has 18 schools.  The Trust has recently consolidated and developed a strategy for school hubs with the purpose of collaboration to improve outcomes for children.

 The Trust has an active Shared Services team, based in Guildford, providing support for school improvement and educational outcomes, safeguarding, governance, admissions, human resource management and finance.    There are exciting developments in the pipeline to further develop the central function for the benefit of using our resources wisely and benefitting all our schools.  



Our vision is to ‘Be Better, Together’

This means we are committed to establishing academies, which educate the whole child, for wholeness of life, in the heart of their community.

 Our people are what makes our Trust so great.

 The quality and commitment of GST’s people is at the heart of all it achieves. The Trust values them, develops them, and is an employer of choice.

 We believe in creating an effective climate for learning by enabling children to know that they are uniquely valued, providing a secure environment in which they can learn and creating a framework of values that will support them through their school career.