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Candidate FAQs

Schools often have their own individual, paper based application forms. It can often take hours to complete (not to mention format) paper based application forms. If you then want to apply for multiple vacancies you then need to transfer all your information onto a different form which asks for all the same information but in a different order!

Developed by teachers, we know only too well how off-putting it can be to complete these repetitive application forms. MyNewTerm makes it so easy...

Schools need to collect a standardised set of information for each applicant in order to shortlist candidates. As a result, schools are unable to accept CVs.

Please do not upload a CV with your application as this will not be considered by the employer and is often perceived negatively by employers.

MyNewTerm offers a quick, easy-to-complete standardised online application. It has all the statutory information schools are required to collect and this is saved in your online profile. Update and edit at any time, from any device.

When you are ready to apply for a vacancy it uses your profile information to generate a personalised application for the specific employer and job vacancy. After submitting, this goes direct to the employer who is able to view your application from their online account.

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