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Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust

Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust

About Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust

Welcome to the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust.  We are a dynamic academy trust, working across a range of schools within the Diocese of Salisbury, within Wiltshire and Dorset.  Our vision is to develop thriving Christian learning communities that enable children to achieve beyond what they might otherwise expect.  We are constantly developing and growing as we seek to meet the needs of our children and young people.

We are proud to be a Trust that has provided a home for schools in a range of circumstances, including those who have had the most challenging of times.  The most important part of what we do is help facilitate improvement in our academies such that the children have the very best possible experience as they grow into mature and confident learners with a strong sense of morality and values.  To that extent, you will see the great work that they do every day on the academy websites that you can link to from this site.  We welcome visitors to any of our academies where we love to demonstrate the great things that are going on and the things we are working to improve next.

As far as our staff are concerned, we recognise that they are our most precious resource.  They are the ones who make a difference to the lives of our children every day.  To that extent, we invest significantly in support and collaboration at every level, providing career pathway guidance to staff at all levels.  Our Collaborative Professional Learning programme can be seen on our website.  It is extensive and provides support for governors, leaders, teachers and support staff.  We also have a Wellness Strategy that has a clear focus on the well-being of both children and staff - we will do all we can to support you in taking responsibility for your own wellness, as well as providing a number of benefits through our scheme.

We hope you will be interested in coming to join our team.  If you are applying to a specific school, please let us know if you would be interested in joining any of our other schools, even if you are unsuccessful first time around.  You can use our Talent Pool or just contact our office to let us know.

Do explore our website in-depth - there is lots for you there.  You may be particularly interested in the videos on our Information tab, where staff, pupils and governors will give you a flavour of who we are and how we work.  The best place to keep right up to date is on our Twitter feed where we try to capture what is happening on a daily basis @thedsat.

Mark Lacey

Chief Executive