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I am so very pleased that we decided to start working with MyNewTerm in 2020. Their service has quickly and easily become a key driver of our approach to recruitment and retention. The business managers across our 21 schools spread around the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk regions have all found the introduction of the system very straightforward, and we are starting to see a significant improvement in the number and quality of applications we have for every vacancy both in teaching and support staff roles across the Trust.
Jan Steel | Director of HR
The Active Learning Trust Limited, Chatteris
MyNewTerm was easy for us to use from the start and has really helped to streamline the recruitment process across the Trust. The platform has the ability to analyse interest in posts advertised and to communicate with applicants all in one place. Wayne and his team are always available to help and we really appreciate their attention to detail.
Louise Moore | HR Director
5 Dimensions Trust, Milton Keynes
MyNewTerm is a real game changer for education recruitment. What Wayne Cartmel and his team have managed to implement is truly innovative and the results are very impressive. Advertising on MyNewTerm is easy, efficient and looks great!
I have no doubt that MyNewTerm will be the most successful and well known job platform for education vacancies. I couldn't recommend MyNewTerm enough and it's an absolute must for any school or MAT if they don't want to miss out!
Recruitment Officer
The Shared Learning Trust, Luton
Our Trust – DEMAT – is a unique organisation, consisting of 39 diverse primary schools with distinctive communities, spread across Norfolk, Suffolk, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. After introducing My New Term to our schools around a year ago, our recruitment process has become considerably more effective; with the range and volume of applicants across all of our vacancies (both teaching and support roles) far greater than before. Our schools are very engaged with the tools and features provided by MyNewTerm and feedback on the system has been fantastic!
Emma Butterworth | HR Manager
The Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, Ely
All great schools, need great teachers. Currently, schools spend far too much on recruiting teachers, MyNewTerm delivers an innovative and much needed approach to minimise such expenditure. MyNewTerm offers an effective open and transparent system to enable schools to efficiently recruit new staff and secure continued improvement.
Dr Alan Lee | Chief Executive Officer
Bedfordshire Schools Trust Limited, Shefford
Excellent platform that gives a consistent and compliant recruitment process across our schools.
Director of Operations
The Wensum Trust, Norwich
We love the automation, as a trust that was heavily reliant on a paper based process the ability to be able to almost 1/2 the time spent on recruitment is great!
All our applicants are able to view the process and are all communicated to no matter the outcome of their application.
Central Officer
SAND Academies Trust, Gloucestershire
Joining MNT has been something of a game changer for the MAT and everyone is seeing the benefits of the platform. Being candidate driven at the beginning has given some much needed capacity to our administrators across our schools, and has probably saved £s in photocopying costs as well!
Operations Manager
Diocese Of Hereford Multi Academy Trust, Ludlow
From demonstration to go live, entirely supported and clear to use.
Joanna Gillard-Eastop | HR Manager
Enrich Learning Trust, Norwich
Our SET/SLT were very nervous when I refused to advertise on {...} – I had to convince them to 'be brave' and trust my recruitment background that I knew what I was doing. With MyNewTerm and the free DfE site, I think there is very little need for schools to pay huge sums on adverts. We used to spend about £25-30K on recruitment ads per academic year. Now, we spend a fraction of that.
Sasha Gudgeon | HR Advisor
The Hazeley Academy, Hazeley, Milton Keynes
Easy to use, intuitive, compliant and is designed with school staff at the forefront of the user experience.
Natalie Mitchell | HR and Ops
Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust, Buckinghamshire
At BEST we have really benefited from moving all our recruitment over to MyNewTerm–it improves our ability to promote ourselves in a challenging market place and is a significant step up from our old system. Aligned to that MyNewTerm are continually innovating and we are direct beneficiaries of this
Craig Smith | Chief Operating Officer
Bedfordshire Schools Trust Limited, Shefford
The system has had such an impact on time management and efficiency for the recruitment process.
Jodie Wood | Human Resources Manager
Emmanuel Schools Foundation, North East
Your help has been invaluable as we seek cost effective and efficient methods of advertising and recruiting staff. You have been a great help to schools within our Trust, schools about to join our Trust and some of Teaching School partner schools across Bedfordshire. Recruitment is difficult for everyone at the moment and I appreciate the moral purpose and determination behind your work. Keep it up!
Adrian Rogers | Chief Executive Officer
Chiltern Learning Trust, Luton
MyNewTerm is incredibly straightforward to use given its thoughtful, intuitive design. It is enabling us to provide the best possible experience for candidates. In addition, the product has helped us reach a wider pool of talent, simplified our internal administration processes, saved time and supported compliance.
Neil Enright | Headmaster
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet, Barnet
Everything is in one place - no confusion with what stage the applicants are at which is so useful especially when we have multiple roles.
Laura Walsh | Office Manager
Putnoe Primary School, Bedford
We have found this a quick and easy way to advertise our places – both training places and recruiting staff – extremely user-friendly. Really happy with the support we get from MyNewTerm too – why wouldn't you use this?!
Cathy Bailey | Business Manager
Bedfordshire Schools Training Partnership, Bedfordshire
Quick, easy and a user friendly system with excellent support.
Christine McCallion | Business Manager
Bungay Primary School, Bungay
We have been using "My New Term" with great success. The site is easy to use and Wayne and his staff are always available and very helpful.
School Manager
Dallow Primary School, Luton

With the pressure ever increasing for schools to make savings and achieve value for money, MyNewTerm is the perfect solution to meet our advertising needs, without the added burden of cost.

It is a simple, efficient and modern method of recruiting quality staff and the support we have received from Wayne, right from the beginning, is outstanding. I have recommended MyNewTerm to other schools and will continue to do so!

Vicki Ansell | School Business Manager
The Meads Primary School, Luton
We are a Multi-Academy Trust and have used MyNewTerm to advertise posts within the Central Head Office and our schools. The system is very simple to use and it takes just a matter of minutes to advertise a vacant post. For administrative posts in particular, the response to advertisements has been fantastic and the vast majority of applicants indicate that they saw the job advertised on MyNewTerm via social media. I would thoroughly recommend the website to all schools and MATs as the way forward.
Office Manager
Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust, Bedfordshire

Someries Infant School has been actively using MyNewTerm to support its ongoing recruitment strategy since its launch in 2017. MyNewTerm is the perfect recruitment solution for schools because it enables users to personalise and manage their adverts directly and have live access to applications throughout the recruitment process. Since using MyNewTerm, Someries Infant School has recruited successfully for several position, including class teachers, our special educational needs and disabilities coordinator and several teaching and learning support staff.

MyNewTerm is extremely easy to use and allows schools to place adverts instantly; it does not require users to wait several days for their advertisements to go 'live' like other recruitment and local authority websites. Completed applications are clear and expertly formatted by MyNewTerm and can be downloaded directly from the website in the click of a button.

Michael Scott | Headteacher
Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre, Luton
We were very pleased with the quality of candidates that are applying for our vacancies. The website is easy to use, adding a new vacancy is quick and stress free. Any queries are dealt with promptly, support and advice is always available. I would highly recommend this site as a great tool for attracting good candidates.
Business Manager
Whitefield Primary Academy, Luton

The quality for our Assistant Headteacher post was excellent and we actually shortlisted 8. I could have shortlisted another 8 so it made the job really hard which was a nice problem to have.

I love MyNewTerm for advertising and I like the fact I can use your adverts on our own school social media accounts.

Ian Douglas | Headteacher
Chiltern Academy, Luton

MyNewTerm is a real game changer for education recruitment. What Wayne Cartmel and his team have managed to implement is truly innovative and the results are very impressive. Advertising on MyNewTerm is easy, efficient and looks great! Wayne has worked hard to market and capture a large audience of candidates so that schools can truly benefit from a high-quality applications coming through. Not only do you have the functionality of a brilliant job board but the level of exposure school's now have because of MyNewTerm is phenomenal.

If I have any queries, they are dealt with efficiently and effectively and I can rely on the fact that Wayne will go over and above to ensure I am fully satisfied with the resolution. It is clear that Wayne has a true passion to help schools and as a result MyNewTerm is always improving and implementing new changes to ensure we as a school can stay ahead of the game.

I have no doubt that MyNewTerm will be the most successful and well known job platform for education vacancies. I couldn't recommend MyNewTerm enough and it's an absolute must for any school if they don't want to miss out!

Recruitment Officer
The Shared Learning Trust, Luton
MyNewTerm is one of my favourite places to advertise. Not only is it cost effective but the response rate we receive is excellent and I almost always find the perfect applicant to appoint. The application forms are clear to follow making light work of shortlisting. I would recommend My New Term to any school that has had enough spending ridiculous amounts of cash for little or no return. Setting up the school profile and posting adverts is quick and simple. I can share any of my vacancies via multiple social media sites as well as E-Systems with ease. I would say that the support received from MyNewTerm is excellent. They are always happy to hear any suggestions or requirements I may have to make my experience better.
Charlene Huntley | HR Officer
Tennyson Learning Community Multi Academy Trust, Luton
We have recruited excellent staff through MyNewTerm and now use this site for all our recruitment. The site is easy to use for both employers and candidates. Adverts are online in just a couple of minutes and we have up to date information regarding the applications for the position. Support from the MyNewTerm team is excellent and Wayne ensures the whole process runs smoothly, an amazing service! I highly recommend MyNewTerm.
Joan Cullen | Headteacher
Sacred Heart Primary School, Stopsley, Luton
MyNewTerm is now our go to site for all of our recruitment. We have managed to get some brilliant staff and the response to our adverts is extremely high. The concept is a first in the industry and everyone that I speak to in other schools is using MyNewTerm...
Julia Bedford | Business Manager
Priory Academy, Dunstable
We all know the cost of recruiting high quality staff and the frustration of paying for an advert and getting zero response. Well maybe this is the answer? MyNewTerm is a web-based recruitment site designed by a teacher for schools. Wayne is truly passionate about changing the education system for the better and I am really excited about the potential of this site to transform teacher recruitment in this country.
Nick Martin | Principal
Samuel Whitbread Academy, Clifton, Shefford

MyNewTerm is simple to use, like any well designed website and I use the same base information I provide for Teach in Herts and TES adverts, so I significantly increase my recruitment catchment for hardly any work. We allow applicants to use the embedded on-line application form to ensure that we make the application as simple as possible, and the MyNewTerm application form is fine - it captures all the right information.

The proof of the pudding is the result, of course, and we already have people on our staff whom we have only recruited because they have found us and applied via MyNewTerm.

HR Manager
Roundwood Park School, Harpenden
MyNewTerm has revolutionised how we, and other local schools, recruit staff. We have had a number of successful appointments through the platform, including a Head of Geography which we were recruiting for almost a year with no success from recruitment agencies. MyNewTerm is so easy to use and navigate around, and with constant new updates being rolled out to improve this even more there really is no downside to MyNewTerm. Wayne is always contactable and actively seeks and implements feedback from schools. It is a fantastic platform and I couldn't recommend it enough to any schools that are yet to register with them.
HR Officer
Stopsley High School, Luton

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