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MyNewTerm is an online web application connecting employers and candidates directs. Once registered, employers post available vacancies through their dedicated school or multi- academy trust account. Posted vacancies either go live instantly or on a scheduled future date. Prospective candidates are able to search, filter and apply online for available by simply registering an account and completing the online application process.

We have developed a standardised application at MyNewTerm making it so much easier for candidates to apply direct rather than completing separate application forms for each vacancy. The application has been verified by Forbes Solicitors as being fully compliant with GDPR and the latest guidance within Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Applications come through direct to schools and can be accessed via the Applicant Tracking System. Applications can easily be downloaded either individually or all in one go for ease of shortlisting. The application has been designed so that all personal data can be removed for the purpose of shortlisting. Once the shortlisting process has been complete, automated notifications can be sent to candidates each time their if an update to their status.

MyNewTerm has been developed to support education employers to save on the cost to recruit and make it so much easier for candidates to apply direct through an online standardised application.

Employers add vacancies from their individual employer account. All vacancies are posted direct by employers and if you apply, your application will do direct through to the employer.

No. Registered candidates have their own account and are able to view all vacancies. If of interest, candidates can apply for vacancies online or join an employer Talent Pool. Employers can only view a candidate’s application if they choose to apply.

No, all website visitors at MyNewTerm can view ALL advertised vacancies. Registered candidates are able to activate personalised job alerts to be notified when vacancies matching their preferences are received.


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The online application completed by candidates at MyNewTerm is fully compliant with the statutory information schools are required to collect as per the latest guidance in Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE). We had this independently verified by Forbes Solicitors who confirmed MyNewTerm is fully compliant with current GDPR and the latest KCSiE guidance (updated September 2019).

Our experience has found that many school and multi-academy trust application forms are outdated and thereby do not comply with the latest guidance. In addition, many word/pdf forms are also difficult to format for candidates. If you are conducting a review into your existing processes, why not consider moving to a fully compliant online system to save time and increase the number of candidates applying for your vacancies.

Our research clearly demonstrates that the majority of candidates much prefer to apply online. Candidates then only need to complete their profile once and this can then be used to apply for any other suitable vacancies. If we want to stop paying extortionate agency fees then collectively, we need to make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply!

Yes, of course. We are also registered with the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO). Here is our reference number: A8348058

Each candidate application is split as follows:

  • Part 1: Information for Shortlisting & Interviewing
  • Part 2: Personal Information & Declaration
  • Part 3: Equal Opportunities Monitoring

The reason for this is to protect candidate personal data. In order to shortlist and interview, you only need a specific information from each candidate (all this can be found in ‘Part 1 – Information for Shortlisting and Interviewing’).

For the purpose of shortlisting, the panel do not need to know personal data such as the person’s name, age, sex, ethnicity, address, etc. By not being able to see personal information, it minimises the risk of discrimination and protects candidate personal data. Of course, background checks and verifications will be necessary which can be found in Part 2 of the application.

The candidate application process of being able to easily detach personal data is very much considered ‘best practice’. When downloading applications there is the option to download the full application or each ‘part’ separately. If split, each application can easily be matched using the candidate reference number at the top of each application.

You sure can. In the Applicants table select all the applications to download using the checkbox at the left-hand side. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the whether you require part 1/2/3 or the full application. Click download and this will then generate a zip file with all applications. Extract the files and you will have all applications in the same folder which can be then printed or shared electronically.

Yes, you will receive a summary email when vacancies expire which will come through following the closing date. This will detail how many applications you received for each vacancy. It also includes an attachment listing the name/reference number/source of vacancy for each candidate which you may find useful as a summary cover sheet for shortlisting.

Candidates simply register an account and complete the online application process. Their profile includes standardised details such as employment history, work eligibility, qualifications, references, etc. This can be edited and updated at any time. If a candidate would like to apply for a specific vacancy, they confirm their profile, include a personal statement detailing how they meet the requirements (minimum 2000 characters) and complete the declaration.

When posting job adverts you have the option to turn email notifications on/off for when a candidate applies. The email notification will be sent to the account holder who posted the vacancy and to the named contact detailed on the listing. Notifications can be turned on/off at anytime by click ‘edit’ on the job listing and changing the setting.

Yes, once the candidate application has been confirmed the candidate will receive an email confirmation.

Navigate to the ‘Applications’ tab. If you have any ‘New’ applications this will be stated on the menu. Candidate applications can be downloaded individually or all together using the bulk download tool at the bottom of the page.

The candidate ‘status’ options are as follows:

  • New
  • Shortlisted
  • Interviewing
  • Offered
  • Recruited
  • Unsuccessful

Yes, candidates receive an email notification. Following the shortlisting process, we would recommend updating the status for candidates in the Applicant Tracking System. Once updated, the system will automatically notify candidates of a change to their application. Please note, if the candidate application is greater than 60 days from the closing date a notification will not be sent to the candidate.

Yes, candidates can withdraw at any time. The application will then automatically be moved into the ‘Withdrawn’ table of the Applicant Tracking System and will not be able to view or download. You will receive a notification if a candidate withdraws from the role (except when their status has already been changed to Unsuccessful).


Posting vacancies at MyNewTerm is easy! Once logged into your school/trust account navigate to ‘Job Adverts’. Complete all the mandatory fields at the right-hand side and click post at the bottom of the page. If you miss completing any of the sections the system will prompt that the field needs to be completed before posting.

Yes of course, this is . In the ‘Expired Job Adverts’ table at the right-hand side of all vacancies is a ‘re-post’ button. Click this and all details will populate in the text fields so you can quickly review, update and add in a new closing date.

In the ‘Active Job Adverts’ table click on the orange ‘edit’ button next to each vacancy. This will populate all fields at the right-hand side. Edit as necessary, click ‘save’ at the bottom and this will instantly update the advert. The only field you are unable to edit is the Closing Date & Time. If you need to change the closing date, please ‘end’ the advert and select ‘re-post’ from the expired job adverts table.

In the Active Job Adverts table select the ‘end listing’ button at the right-hand side of the table. Click ‘confirm’ and this will automatically end the listing and display in the Expired Job Adverts table.

Yes, you can search all vacancies in the Expired Job Adverts table. There is an option to download the data into an excel or pdf file for ease of analysis if required.


Login to your employer account and navigate to Dashboard. On this page you can update any of the details including; logo, banner photo, description, contact details, photos, video & related documents.

Yes, you can update this at anytime from the Dashboard.

The recommended resolution is 1440w x 400h however, when uploading the image can be cut so any high-quality landscape photo can be added and edited when uploading.

You can upload either a YouTube or Vimeo video to your Careers Page at MyNewTerm. To do this you need to add the Video ID to the video section and the video will then embed on your careers page for visitors to view. This can be edited or removed at any time.

In the related documents click the button to upload documents. If you need to upload multiple files hold CTRL on your keyboard and select multiple documents within the same folder. You can upload a maximum of five attachments. Please note, these are documents related to ALL of your vacancies (e.g. Prospectus, Privacy Policy, etc). Documents such as job description/person specification should be uploaded on each vacancy.

In the ‘Find a Job’ menu (or from the homepage) select ‘Search by Employer’ and type the name of your organisation. This will take you to the careers page with the dedicated URL available to view in the banner bar.

Yes of course. Many schools and trusts add a link to their careers page(s) to save time uploading and removing adverts from individual websites.


Yes! All schools are automatically linked to the trust via the DfE open data (including if any new schools join the trust in future). This means the trust user can update each school profile, post vacancies and have all candidate applications come into one centralised Applicant Tracking System.

Yes of course – please contact us to arrange for new users to be setup.

Yes. This is the case for many multi-academy trusts. Schools will each have their own login (and can post vacancies/manage applications for their school) whereas the trust user(s) can have an overarching view across all trust schools.

MyNewTerm automatically links to data from the Department for Education. A summary is used to create each school profile and automatically link schools as part of a multi-academy trust.

Yes, you can then use the filters to easily refine (e.g. filter by school or job reference).

Yes – there are various filters available including the option to filter by school. This data can also be downloaded into excel/pdf for ease of analysis.

Yes, this can be turned on/off for each vacancy when posting. The email notification will be sent to the email of the person posting the vacancy and the named contact on the listing.


Please visit our Contact Us page and one of the team would be more than happy to assist.

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