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MyNewTerm is an innovative web application allowing schools to advertise vacancies and candidates to easily apply direct to employers online. MyNewTerm has a standardised application which is fully compliant with the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance. This means that as a candidate, you only need to complete your profile ONCE (e.g. employment history, qualifications, etc) and you can then easily apply for multiple vacancies of interest. For each application you just need to include a personal statement detailing how you meet the specific requirements of the role to which you are applying. It really has never been easier to apply direct to schools for vacancies in education!

Employers add vacancies from their individual employer account. All vacancies are posted direct by employers and if you apply, your application will go direct through to the employer.

Absolutely not. Only you are able to view your profile when you login. Should you apply for a vacancy or join a Talent Pool, a PDF application will be sent direct to the employer including your profile information. You will be able to view the application in your account under the ‘Applications’ tab and you can ‘Withdraw’ your application at any time.


Yes, MyNewTerm is completely FREE for all candidates.

Click here to register. Enter your email and click the registration token which will be sent to your email address.

Registration tokens normally come through instantly. Please double check you have entered your email address correctly. Also, check your junk/spam folder. Should you experience any difficulties completing your registration please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and one of the team will be happy to help.


Are you looking for a specific type role? Do you want to be alerted when a role potentially of interest is posted? If so, you may like to set up personalised ‘recommended job’ alerts at MyNewTerm. When a vacancy is posted matching your requirements you will find this in your ‘recommended jobs’ menu and you’ll also be sent an email alert (maximum emails sent is two per week which includes all matches).

Yes! Login to your account, navigate to ‘recommended jobs’ and select the ‘map view’ option. You can then click each vacancy to view full details.

To activate job alerts, firstly you need to have a registered account. When logged in, navigate to the ‘recommended jobs’ tab and select the ‘vacancy preferences’ menu. Select the categories of interest and update your preferences. You will then be able to view your recommended jobs online and you will receive email alerts (maximum 2 per week) when new vacancies in your chosen categories are posted.

In each email there is an ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom. Click this and follow the instructions to stop all recommended job alerts. Alternatively, login to your account, navigate to ‘recommended jobs’, de-select all options in the vacancy preferences menu and click update. You will then no longer receive any email alerts but you can login and update your preferences at anytime in future.


From the homepage, either select one of the categories, or enter your postcode and search radius to view vacancies nearest to your search location. If you are searching for a specific vacancy/employer, select ‘Search by Employer’ from the dropdown menu and start typing the employer name.

On the search results page use the filter options to easily refine your search (e.g. by subject, phase, or category). Click ‘map view’ if you would like to see these results displayed on a map.

Yes, the number in the top left on the search results page shows how many vacancies are available. If results are filtered this will update accordingly. To see all vacancies, select 'reset' at the top of the search results page.

Yes! This is available either from the homepage or at the top of the search results page. In the map view you can also amend the filters to update the results.


From the homepage, either select one of the categories, or enter your postcode and search radius to view vacancies nearest to your search location. If you are searching for a specific vacancy/employer, select ‘Search by Employer’ from the dropdown menu and start typing the employer name.

Yes of course. You can update your profile at any time and return later. Ensure you click ‘save & continue’ each time you update to save your profile.

Yes, you can ‘preview’ at any time by clicking the button available at the bottom of the profile page. You can update details on your profile at any time and return later. Ensure you click ‘save & continue’ each time you update to save your profile.

In order to comply with the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education, schools are NOT able to accept to CV’s. All details needed to be included on your profile or personal statement. Please do not upload your CV with your application as this will not be considered.

Once you have completed the declaration and submitted your application you will receive a confirmation message on-screen and the ‘Applications’ page will load. In the table you will see details of your submitted application and at the right-hand side you can click the icon to view/download your application.


A personal statement is a summary detailing how your skills and experiences meet the specific requirements of the role. It is important to include practical examples of how you meet the criteria outlined in the person specification.

Once you have completed 100% of your profile navigate to the job vacancy you would like to apply for and click ‘Apply Now’. You will be asked to confirm your profile page, and this will take you to the personal statement section.

The minimum number of characters is 2000 (which works out at a couple of paragraphs). Most people write much more than this but as a guide 1-2 pages of A4 in font size 12 is sufficient.

Yes. The text-box will auto-save every 3 seconds. You can part-complete and return to this section at any time. Please note, we also highly recommend saving your statement offline just in case you were to accidentally delete any of the text entered.

Firstly, it is essential the statement is written specific to the vacancy to which you are applying. Candidates who upload a generic summary of their skills are less likely to be shortlisted for interview. If you are applying for multiple jobs it is important you carefully amend your statement, so it addresses the individual requirements of the specific vacancy.

To write a strong personal statement, ensure you carefully read the job description and person specification which you will normally find in the ‘related documents’ section on each vacancy. Many candidates choose to use the headings as detailed within the person specification (e.g. Experience, Skills, Qualifications etc) to assist in providing structure to the statement. It is then just a case of writing a couple of paragraphs under each heading detailing how you meet the requirements. Ensure you use practical examples to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

To shortlist candidates, employers regularly use a ‘scoring’ based system. Candidates who score the highest will then be invited to interview. It’s therefore essential you detail specifically how you meet the individual requirements, rather than write generically. Use specific examples from previous employments, sporting achievements, education, etc.

Here are some links with further information on how to write a personal statement (please note these are external links and we do not endorse any of the content detailed):

If the employer has specifically requested additional documents to be uploaded as part of your application, there is an option to upload these documents following the personal statement stage. Generally, most employers do not require additional documents and would prefer for all your details to be included on your profile and personal statement so it is in one document for ease of shortlisting. Please do not upload a copy of your CV as this cannot be considered.


Congratulations! Your application will be submitted direct to the employer who will have received an email notification. If you have been shortlisted for the role you can expect to hear from the employer direct (normally by email) who will get in touch to confirm next steps. We also encourage all employers to update the ‘status’ column at MyNewTerm (see question below).

The employer has the option to change the 'status' of your online application. The options available to employers are:

  • Shortlisting
  • Interviewing
  • Offered
  • Recruited
  • Unsuccessful

When the employer updates the status, you will receive an email notifying of the change. If you are unsuccessful and would like feedback on your application please contact the employer direct.

No, your application is ‘time-stamped’ so only details from the moment you submitted your application will be available to the employer.

Yes of course. Once you have completed your online profile, your details are saved and can be used to apply for other vacancies of interest.

Login to your account and navigate to your ‘Applications’. Select ‘withdraw’ from the drop- down menu and the employer will receive an automated notification detailing you have withdrawn from the role.

No, once you have withdrawn your application, employers will no longer be available to view or download.

Your submitted application(s) will be available to employers for a period of 12-months from the date of submission (unless you have withdrawn). Thereafter, a copy of your application will be available in your account under ‘Archived Applications’ but the employer will no longer be able to view or download your application.


Is there a specific employer you would really like to work for but they do not currently have an advertised vacancy in your specialism? With vacancies in education only normally advertised for 2-3 weeks it is easy to miss opportunities. We have therefore developed the Talent Pool option at MyNewTerm allowing you to easily reach out to schools expressing your interest in future opportunities.

Firstly, navigate to the employer’s careers page (use the ‘Search by Employer’). You will then see an option to ‘Join our Talent Pool’. The process to join a Talent Pool is very similar to applying for a traditional job vacancy. The only major difference is you select the type(s) of roles of interest and include a personal statement based upon your vacancy preferences.

Talent Pools are different to applications for advertised job vacancies as you are only expressing interest in future opportunities. If an opportunity were to arise at the employer in future and they feel your skills and experience meet the requirements they may get in touch to see if you are still interested.

Navigate to the ‘Applications’ menu and click ‘Talent Pool Applications’. At the right-hand side is the button to withdraw your application. Employers will no longer be able to view or download your application once you have withdrawn.


On the candidate login screen select 'Forgot Password'. Enter your email and if registered, a link will be sent to your email where you can then create a new password.

Login to your account. Click on your name in the top left and click ‘Change Password & Settings’. Click ‘update email’ and enter your new email address followed by your existing MyNewTerm password. The email address on your account will then update and any notifications will go to this new address.

MyNewTerm uses encryption so all personal details are securely stored in our encrypted database. MyNewTerm is fully compliant with all GDPR.

Yes of course. Please contact us and we will send a link to your registered email address allowing you to permanently delete your account including all profile information and submitted applications. Please note, once deleted it is not possible to recover any of your data.

If you have any questions, please visit our ‘Contact us’ page and one of our friendly team will be only too happy to assist.

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