Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst.

I am delighted and proud to welcome you to Tudor Grange Academy, Kingshurst and I am proud to introduce myself as the Principal of this very special community. 

Tudor Grange Academy, Kingshurst, is a community school and is fully inclusive. We believe that every child is deserving of an education that allows them to reach their full potential. We are committed to supporting our young people to become, ready, responsible, and respectful young people. These are our values. Our young people leave us ready and excited to embrace their next steps with confidence, qualifications, and life skills to achieve and flourish in all aspects of life, and they do so with pride.

We are unwavering in our commitment in serving our young people, our parents and our local community and will have a constant focus on high standards. We have extremely high expectations of our young people regarding communication, manners, behaviour, and personal commitment to learning. We will be committed in expecting this of all our young people and we will be relentless in the pursuit of those things that are sometimes perceived as small – as we believe these impact on school culture, environment and attitude to learning of young people. 

We have a dedicated and committed team of staff who have chosen to serve this community and to provide exciting and enriching experiences for our young people. We value every child, and we believe that our staff can make a real difference, so we are committed to supporting our staff to develop, to be innovative and to have the skills and tools they need to teach and support our great curriculum. Our staff embody our school values. They are ready to teach, to support, to build relationships. They are respectful to each other and our young people whilst not compromising on high expectations and standards and they are responsible for ensuring that our young people have great experiences, academically and socially too. Our staff flourish too. 

Finally, may I address our families. Together we share responsibility for the education of our young people, and we work closely with all of our families to ensure that our young people are central and at the heart of everything we do. Again, we expect our families to embody our values. We expect them to be ready to support their young people to learn. We expect our families to be respectful and supportive of the academy’s high expectations and we expect our families to be responsible for being involved in all aspects of academy life. As partners, we can all flourish together. 

I am incredibly privileged to serve this community and I will continue to do so with unswerving commitment and a promise that our young people will become responsible, respectful young adults who are ready to flourish in all aspects of life. 

Nicola Crehan​